John and Pat’s

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Adventure 2006



Listed below is the longitude and latitude data for the locations of each of our campsites while we were in Lake Vermilion and the BWCA.  This trip was a little different than most of our trips into the BWCA in that at a couple of the BWCA campsittes, we stayed for more than one night.  Usually we move to a new site every night while traveling in the BWCA.  At Trout Lake, the State has permitted motorboats with motors up to 25 horsepower.  In addition, they provide a portage service where the boaters do not even have to get out of their boats to be portaged from Lake Vermilion to an entry point into the BWCA on Trout Lake.  Two “four wheelers” operated by the State with boat trailers connected to them pick up the boats, cargo and passengers from the water on one side of the portage and deposit them into the water on the other end of the portage.  Needless to say,  this has created intensive competition for the campsites on Trout Lake.  Canoers are at a distinct disadvantage on Trout Lake as boaters race by them to check on the availability of campsites on the lake.  As a result, on the days when motorboat traffic was very heavy, we decided to stay in a site for a couple days once we found one.




June 3rd                        N47 53.126 W92 14.609        Lake Vermilion

June 4th                        N47 56.869 W92 21.348        Trout Lake

June 5th                        N47 57.585 W92 19.864        Trout Lake

June 6th                        N48 00.175 W92 21.499        Lake Oriniack

June 7th-9th                  N48 00.928 W92 17.444        North Arm of Trout Lake

June 10-11th                 N47 55.986 W92 17.742        Trout Lake

June 12th                      N47 53.124 W92 14.611        Lake Vermilion