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The Dickinson Family Houseboat

 Adventure August 2006


This website contains pictures taken during the John and Pat Dickinson extended family Houseboat Adventure in August of 2006.  We rented a houseboat on Lake Vermilion from Lake Vermilion Houseboats near Tower, MN for a family adventure August 14 –18, 2006.   We were fortunate in that all of our children and grandchildren could make the trip with us.

In addition to more food and drink than we could possibly consume in twice the time we were there, we took along one of our canoes that we stored on the upper observation deck of the houseboat when not in use.  We also rented a fishing boat that we towed behind the houseboat when not in use and on one of the days, we rented a water skiing boat for the day.

On one day we broke up into three groups, one group used the portage service and portaged into Trout Lake with the fishing boat.  The second group took the canoe and portaged into Trout Lake via the canoe portage and the third group held down the fort at the houseboat.  Each evening, we would motor to a new site to dock the houseboat for the evening and fish the new area.

We did manage to catch a few fish.  Although none were extraordinarily large, we caught Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch and quite a few Smallmouth Bass.  We even managed to catch a few crayfish.

We had a fun but tiring day water skiing.  The water slide on the houseboat got a good work out too.  The weather was cooperative and we enjoyed the challenge of driving and navigating the houseboat.  Everyone who wanted, got a turn being “captain” at the helm.

Everyone had a great time and it was an interesting experience to vacation on a houseboat.


Pictures Organized by Topic

An assortment of the pictures that we took on our trip are grouped in various topics. Use this link to access the Topic Menu.  From the Topic Menu, thumbnails of each picture are provided to use as poke points to access an expanded view of that picture.  Use your browser’s forward and back buttons to navigate through the pictures and return to this page.


Contact Information

If you wish to contact us you may do so using the contact information below.  We enjoy answering any questions you may have about our trip.  We also enjoy hearing about trips that you may have taken.


John and Pat Dickinson



Last revised: October 2006